My Final Farewell

To be completely honest, I will say that my senior year definitely did not go as planned. For the past few weeks I have been having negative feelings about the situation we are going through at the moment. I have never really thought that I would experience my last few weeks of school at home,Continue reading “My Final Farewell”

Damage and Redemption

The lesson that stood out to me the most was the second one. Forgiving is not always the easiest thing to do when it comes to situations that I have suffered greatly with. However, I think that it is very sensible that the process of healing from a past suffering should not be to escapeContinue reading “Damage and Redemption”

Travel and Tourism

Prior to the pandemic, travelling was something that my family and I did at least once a month. Some trips were closer like trips to pattaya and some were further like trips to different countries. It was something that helped us relax and escape from the harsh reality of school and work. However, I haveContinue reading “Travel and Tourism”

Duality of Bangkok

Bangkok, the busy capital of Thailand, is filled with streets that are so complicated they almost tangle each other up and skyscrapers that are tall enough to touch the sky. People roam around trying different amazing street foods in the hot weather and blazing sunlight. It is also a city with unique architecture and beautifulContinue reading “Duality of Bangkok”

Deep Questions

Suffering, from a Buddhist stance, would be the result from our inability to completely detach from our desires in life. In the novel, all of the main characters suffer due to their desires of the things beyond of what they have. The author slowly guides us through many levels of suffering. It might be asContinue reading “Deep Questions”

WWII Poetry Analysis

The poem called Death That Need Not Have Been by Flora Hendricks is a poem that describes the author’s view on horrible events and deaths that occur during the second world war. The author mentions how she feels “the loneliness” and how the scene makes her “heart sick”. The mood and tone of the poem thenContinue reading “WWII Poetry Analysis”


In my opinion, nationalism isn’t always a bad thing. It isn’t wrong for people to have great love and respect for their own nation, but it becomes harmful once the idea is used in the wrong way. I think that nationalism can be beneficial because it can unite people and find commonality among a population.Continue reading “Nationalism”

War of Ideas

In my opinion, values that are labeled “modern” or “progressive” aren’t always better. They often appeal to people since they are usually created in order to adjust and reform certain traditional ways or ideas, making the society feel like it’s becoming more civilized and advanced. Personally, I think that a lot of progressive movements areContinue reading “War of Ideas”

Childhood Rebellion

Personally, I think that childhood rebellion is inevitable. Some children might express it earlier than others and some might even be more extreme; but ultimately, I think that every child goes through a phase of having an urge to rebel. I would even go as far as to say that childhood rebellion contributes greatly toContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion”


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