Childhood Rebellion

Personally, I think that childhood rebellion is inevitable. Some children might express it earlier than others and some might even be more extreme; but ultimately, I think that every child goes through a phase of having an urge to rebel. I would even go as far as to say that childhood rebellion contributes greatly toContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion”

Poem inspired by Rumi

Since the poem I chose to analyze is written in a set of questions in order to help the readers reflect on their own answers while also portraying Rumi’s beliefs, my poem will be what my answers to those questions would be. Therefore, my original poem can be labeled as a response to This MarketContinue reading “Poem inspired by Rumi”

Rumi Poetry Analysis

THIS MARKETCan you find another market like this?Where, with your one roseyou can buy hundreds of rose gardens?Where, for one seed you geta whole wilderness? For one weakbreath, the divine wind? In this poem, Rumi reflects an important idea from Sufism: oneness with God. It can be implied that the one “seed” written in theContinue reading “Rumi Poetry Analysis”

Culture and Morality

Growing up in Thailand, I’ve always been taught to be very respectful to elders. I used to study in a Thai school before coming to ICS and students were constantly being reinforced that we were in a lower hierarchy than our teachers. As an asian, I obviously don’t have a problem with teaching kids toContinue reading “Culture and Morality”

Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted to ensure that all humans deserve to have their rights and freedoms regardless of their origins or backgrounds. Personally, I think that it is also a proof that humanity has not lost all of its hope because, at the very least, we still care about what isContinue reading “Human Rights”


Ouch, My Eyes sun with beams so bright birds that sing with all their might eyes squint through the light.

Poem from the Mountain Village

“In this mountain villagewhere I’ve given upall hope of visitors,how drab would life bewithout my loneliness“ Loneliness is, ironically, portrayed in the poem as being the only thing that is keeping the author’s world from being too dull. The author uses imagery to describe the setting as being very isolated from people, which ultimately setsContinue reading “Poem from the Mountain Village”

My Senior Year.

It didn’t really hit me until now that my last year of high school has just started. On my last first day of school, I was simply filled with excitement to see all of my friends again after being stuck at home for so long due to the pandemic. Being introduced to new teachers andContinue reading “My Senior Year.”

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